Real Super Human .

Real Superhuman

Real Super human SuperHumanos

Superhuman abilities have now been discovered in humans.

Super humans are popular in science fiction where they are often cyborgs, mutants, aliens, telepaths, all the product of ongoing human engineering or genetically engineered.

If you search Google you will find many pictures and videos with real live people who have some superhuman ability.

It’s human nature to try and discover these super human qualities and Hollywood has the profound effect on expanding the horizons as well as the consciousness of millions of people and produce Superhuman movies like X-Men , Spider-Man , Magneto, Captain America , The Matrix , The Terminator , Minority Report , Avatar , Transcendence , The Machine , Phenomenon , Lucy , The Avengers .

Are all produced by artificial and natural selection and by genetic engineering.

Thus science has made tremendous progress and with new discoveries in genetics and neuroscience will confirm finally that humans indeed do possess superhuman abilities.

The Global Consciousness project with real superhuman .

The neuronal network is responsible for consciousness in the brain.


The neuronal network is responsible for consciousness in the brain.
I’m searching for people world wide who can lift objects made of metal, ceramic, wood or plastic off the floor, against the force of gravity without any aid.
If you can do similar things like in the short video-clip e.g holding objects against your hands or your head, and move them vertically or in circles; please contact me, I would like to you to join interdisciplinary scientific projects.

Brain research in Germany – Perception, Attention, and Consciousness

short video-clip